Business Visas

If you have a history of business ownership or investing, it is possible to migrate to Australia as a business owner or investor. If you are interested expanding your business into Australia or starting a new business, then the Business Innovation Visa Stream may of interest to you. If you are keen to invest then there are several Investor Visa streams, which are dependent on the level of your investment in Australia.

Either stream under the Investor Visa Streams under the Business Innovation and Investment Temporary Visa (188) will enable you to:

• Live and work in Australia on a provisional basis and provides transition pathways to permanent residence by meeting the requirements for the Business Innovation and Investment Permanent Visa (888)

• Bring family members into Australia with you as part of your visa application

• Travel in and out of Australia for the duration of your visa

The Provisional (Subclass 188) visa are provisional and can later, if the conditions of that visa stream are met, be converted to a Permanent (Subclass 888) visa.

How we can help you:

Our registered migration agents assess your eligibility and advise you of the visa requirements. We assist you with every stage of the application process and help you with the transition to permanent residency.

If you are interesting in learning more about the Business Innovation and Investment 188 Visa, please contact our experienced team at Migrate With Us.