Temporary Skilled Shortage 482 Visa

The TSS subclass 482 Work Visa enables businesses in Australia to sponsor skilled workers from overseas for temporary employment. TSS visa holders can stay and work in Australia your business for up to four years. TSS visa holders can also bring family with them and they can also work or study and travel in and out of Australia as often as required.

It is important to note that there are a few sponsorship obligations and visa conditions that your business must consider when sponsoring overseas skilled workers.

The TSS visa involves three stages. Firstly, your business must apply to become an approved Standard Business Sponsor. Once approved, your business can then nominate a person to work in Australia as a 482-visa holder.

The nomination application is essentially about the position that needs to be filled within your business. As part of the nomination application, your business will be required to prove that you have been unable to adequately fill the nominated position locally, that the position is genuinely required by the business, fits the nature and scope of the business, and most importantly must be on the list of approved occupations.

Finally, the nominated worker applies for a visa to fill the nominated position. They are must demonstrate that have the training, qualifications and experience which is necessary to undertake the position. In some cases, the applicant may need to undergo a skills assessment and an English Assessment test.

We offer comprehensive support for employers who wish to nominate or sponsor a non-citizen

Our experienced Registered Migration Agents have helped many Australian businesses sponsor overseas skilled workers. We provide advice on the requirements for your sponsorship and nomination applications as well as providing you with ongoing help to ensure that your business remains compliant with sponsorship obligations and visa conditions.

Our services include:

• Migration worker engagement laws and employer requirements

• Address any adverse information presented by the Department

• Minimum salary levels required and how to calculate base salary

• Labour Market Testing

• Genuine Need

• Financial and Payroll data for the Department of Immigration

• Advice on business processes to comply with Immigration obligations

• Compliance monitoring support

If your business is interested in learning about what is involved with sponsoring an overseas worker, then we encourage you to contact us today.