Training 407 Visa

The Training 407 visa allows employers to temporarily sponsor people for the purpose of participating in workplace-based occupational training activities that will improve their skills for their job, area of tertiary study, field of expertise or within a professional development training program in Australia.

There are three training pathways under which business can use to sponsor workers and each have different nomination requirements. If your business would like to sponsor someone for a Training Visa, you will first need to be approved as a Temporary Activities Sponsor.

To be successfully approved as a sponsor, your business must:

• be able to directly provide the occupational training, unless you are an Australian Commonwealth Government agency or have an exemption

• Lawfully operating in Australia and has a good business record abiding by Australian laws

• Able to comply with sponsorship obligations

We offer comprehensive support for employers who wish to nominate or sponsor a non-citizen.

Our services include:

• Assist with your application to become an approved sponsor and advise on a migration strategy for your business

• Provide support and advice to each individual visa applicant engaged through your business

• Help you remain compliant with your requirements and obligations as a sponsor with ongoing advice

If your business is interested in learning about what is involved with sponsoring an overseas worker for a Training Visa, then we encourage you to contact us today.