Family Visas

Enjoy Australia with the ones you love!

The bond between family members is strong – and living apart, in different parts of the world, can be very difficult. As such Australia’s family migration scheme allows Australian residents, Australian permanent residents and NZ residents to sponsor family members to apply for a family visa to migrate to Australia. Family members includes children, parents and in certain circumstances other dependent relatives.

In addition to the existence of your relationship, each visa subclass has different requirements and conditions. Therefore, applicants must meet the criteria for emigrating to Australia set out by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

Partner Visas

Are you in a relationship with an Australian Resident and want to lodge a partner visa?

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Prospective Marriage Visa

Are you engaged to be married to an Australian citizen or permanent resident?

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Parent Visas

Would you like your parents to live in Australia? There are several different parent visa pathways.

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Child Visas

Can I sponsor a child or an orphan relative who is living overseas?

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