Resident Return Visas

The resident return visa designed to allow Australian permanent residents to travel overseas or to return to Australia after the “travel facility” associated with their permanent residence visa has expired.

Each permanent residence visa generally has a “travel facility” or validity period of five years. After that time the permanent resident does not actually hold a visa, nor is he or she an Australian citizen. Which means that when they leave Australia and attempt to return, they must hold a valid visa.

To be eligible for a five year Return Resident visa, you usually must meet the residence requirement, which is living in Australia for at least two years in the past years. If you do not meet the residence requirement but can demonstrate substantial ties that are of benefit to Australia, you might eligible for a 12-month visa.

In the case that your absences from Australia are significant, then you may be required to provide some submissions to the Department to show your personal, cultural, business and /or employment ties to Australia to justify the grant of a resident return visa.

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