How we can help you

Migrate With Us understand the complexities involved with visa applications and ensure that client’s experience a successful and stress free journey from start to finish. We offer a range of visa and migration services tailored to suit your needs, budget and circumstances.

Whether you are interested in a partner visa, or if you are a business that needs a skilled worker, or if you are interested in investing in Australia, we have a solution and the services to support you. With our ever changing and complex Australian immigration laws and challenging paperwork, migrating to Australia can be complicated. Our team at Migrate With Us genuinely care about helping you with your application and achieving your migration goals.

Migrate With Us also have extensive experience with preparing detailed submissions for complex issues such as health requirements, character criteria, no further stay waivers and Public Interest Criteria (e.g. unlawful status).

Our registered migration agents are practising case workers and members of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA). We are committed to maintaining current knowledge and have years of experience in managing work visas, partner and family visas and more.

Working with Migrate With Us is a easy way to ensure that your visa application moves safely, legally and without stress. To see if you’re eligible for an Australian visa simply contact us today. Our initial consultation fee is waived if you choose to use our services and become our client.

Choose the type of service that you need:

Ultimate Service

The Ultimate Migration Service is intended for candidates who require extensive assistance with their Australian visa application. Essentially under this service, we take complete control of your visa application process from the beginning until the time the Department of Home Affairs makes a decision. Whilst we will need your cooperation with collecting some documents and other evidence, we will look after everything else from start to finish.

Appeals Service

Most visa applications which are made in Australia and are refused can be appealed. So, when you are notified that your visa application has been refused by the Department of Home Affairs, you will be advised of your Review rights. It is important to note that there are strict time limits for making an appeal. Time limits depend on the type of decision and whether you are in immigration detention. Please note that the time limit cannot be extended. If your visa is refused, it is important to get visa advice ASAP. Our registered migration agents are experienced at handling appeals and visa cancellations.

Complex Issues

We understand that each application is unique and that some applicants may have a complicated medical, character or visa history, which will require a waiver submission. Our team at Migrate With Us know what the Department Delegate will be looking for in a waiver submission. We have the experience, knowledge of legal precedents and government policy to not only prepare a persuasive waiver submission on your behalf but to guide you in gathering the important supporting evidence to ensure your chances of success are the highest they can be..

Visa Checking Service

The Visa Checking Service is an affordable affordable solution for applicants who have prepared their own visa or skills assessment application and who need confirmation that their application is ready for logdement. After reviewing the application, we will prepare a detailed report highlighting areas of concern along with recommendations as to how your application can be strengthened.