Visa refusal

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October 26, 2017
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Visa Refusals

Migrating to Australia and visa applications can be time consuming, confusing, and stressful. This is amplified if your visa is refused or cancelled by the Australian Government – and it may feel like you don’t know where to turn from here. But there is help at hand.

Visa refusal

Whatever the reason for your visa being refused, the first step is to act quickly and seek support from a registered migration agent. Our experienced agents understand the system and will advise what avenues are available to you.

Visa appeals

Depending on the merit of your application, you might be able to have the decision reviewed by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). The AAT provide judicial reviews of administrative decisions made by the Australian Government, including immigration issues. However, the ATT can only review decisions brought to it by individuals, so you must apply to appeal.

Not all decisions are review able by the tribunal, and there are strict time limits for making an appeal. These time limits cannot be extended, so requesting an appeal quickly, with the support of a registered agent, is important. We can support you through compiling and submitting all necessary paper work to avoid you missing your chance to appeal the decision.

There are also costs associated with the appeal process. Aside from the costs associated with the services of your immigration agent, you will need to pay a fee to the tribunal when you apply. If the tribunal decides the grounds for your review are invalid, then you will be returned the fee.

What if the AAT refuses my appeal?

Finally, if the AAT refuses your appeal, you may be able to appeal further to the Federal Circuit Court. This is a different kind of appeal, in that it hopes to show the AAT have made a legal mistake when handling your case.

This appeal is very complicated and the grounds to have this heard are limited, so support from a lawyer is required. Remember, there are many types of visas, which means there are many different reasons that your applications may have been refused or cancelled. Act quickly and seek professional assistance from Migrate With Us to help you through.