Changes to 457 visas and Permanent Residency in Australia

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October 26, 2017

Changes to 457 visas and Permanent Residency in Australia

You may be aware that the Australian Government has recently announced changes to the 457 (skilled visa)system. The changes come into effect immediately, and impact workers currently living and working in Australia, as well as those who are thinking about emigrating here. The following is a brief summary of the impact of the changes – for specific legal and immigration advice, please contact us at Western Migration.

Medium Long-term Skill Shortage List (MLTSSL)

Occupations on the MLTSSL are eligible for a 4-year visa, with the possibility of applying for PR at the end of that four-year period. As the name suggests, occupations on this list are restricted to those which are in high demand in Australia, are underrepresented by Australian nationals, and are likely to continue to be necessary to import from off-shore for the foreseeable future. A complete list of occupations on the MLTSSL can be found here: .

Again, if you require specific advice, please contact us at Western Migration directly.

Short-Term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL)

The STSOL is much longer than the MLTSSL, as it contains occupations which are currently in short supply or necessary to be imported to Australia, but there is less certainty around whether these occupations will continue to be necessary going forward. Persons who fit within this category can apply for a 2-year visa, and have the potential for this to be extended for a further two years, but there is no route to PR with this visa.

It should be noted that there are other requirements besides just job function when considering eligibility for visas. For example, in the case of certain occupations, the employer must be of a specific size or have an applicable annual turnover in order to be able to employ foreign workers.

A complete list of the STSOL can be found here:

This is just a high-level summary of the changes. The key takeaway from this information is that:

• Some occupations will no longer be eligible to receive a long term working visa
• Occupations that are on the STSOL are still eligible for at least a two-year visa, but no longer offer a transition pathway to PR.

For advice specific to your situation, please contact the team at Western Migration – we are happy to help!