Visitor Visas

Visitor visas allow you to spend short periods in Australia visiting family, friends, or to sightsee or to make general business or employment enquiries. Visitor visas are generally valid for three, six or 12 months, giving you plenty of time to do explore the country.

Applicants can apply under the tourist, family sponsored or business activity streams.

Tourist and Family Stream

In considering whether to grant a Visitor visa, the Department will consider the circumstances in your home country, your ties to your home country, your ability to fund the trip, the purposes of your visit, and any ties you may have to Australia.

Most importantly is your ability to demonstrate that you are a genuine visitor with valid reasons for returning home. Visitor visas also have strict no work conditions and limited study/training for up to 3 months only.

Business Stream

If you have business partners in Australia or need to attend meetings and conferences, a Business Visitor Visa will enable you to participate in business activities for a choice of up to three, six or twelve months.

If you need assistance with your Visitor Visa application or if you are interested in applying for a Visitor Visa, please contact our team at Migrate With Us.